The links here provide extra information that may be useful when using gCADPlus.

1. Getting to know gCADPlus (a brief introduction to the gCADPlus interface).

2.  Draw with gCADPlus  (a focus on using the draw commands in gCADPlus. Design a logo and complete a design from start to finish)

3Using entity snaps to aid precision  (place new design information by building on existing geometry)

4. Handling text (using CAD and Windows text)

5. Managing line weights (improving the presentation of landscape drawings)

6. Managing linetypes  (adding lines with different characteristics to landscape plans)

7Modify Designs (editing drawings)

8. Printing drawings from layout space  (printing drawings from layout space to fixed scales)

9Automating drafting tasks  (the gCADPlus drop down menu for automated drafting)

10. The Tools menu  (using specialist drafting tools and settings)

11.  List of commands (alphabetic order)

12. Adjust dimension styles to indicate that feet is the unit of measure - useful when landscape designing in the USA.

13. Free E-book: Landscape design and CAD  (provides an overview of the use of CAD software in landscape design).