gCADPlus is an easy-to-use CAD drawing tool for professional landscapers. Imagine being able to quickly produce CAD drawings of your landscape designs. Consider the possibility of visiting with your client and together altering the concept 'on the fly'. Incorporate photos of species used in previous design jobs into plans. Get the benefit of many easy-to-use edit tools that eliminate the need to scratch out parts of paper drawings and redraw.

Example of gCADPlus design


"​For the solo garden designer or small landscape design-build firm like mine, no other landscape cad-design package offers so many features in such a solid package for such a small cost.  For small companies like ours, spending $2,000+ on design software doesn’t make sense, especially when that software comes with additional yearly or monthly maintenance fees that add hundreds of dollars more per year to that cost. Chris M - The GreenMan, Florida USA"

Movie  Movie This small movie introduces gCADPlus.

YouTubeLogo.gif gCADPlus runs on Macs.


gCADPlus allows you to automate many repetitive landscape design tasks such as counting symbols to generate plant schedules, extract costing for a design, calculate numbers of ground cover species, automate the labeling of symbols for individual species, easily substitute one species for another and so on. It is also possible to incorporate Google maps/Earth images and other aerial site data directly into CAD drawings. Add extra value to your design work by taking advantage of gCADPlus’s ability to add extended data for both ‘hardscape’ and ‘softscape’ data, be that irrigation, outdoor furniture, paving or plant species information. Extract that data to spreadsheets for further manipulation.