The 'fly out' pages linked to the Help drop down menu provide details on using individual gCADPlus tools. The pages are organized in the same order as the drop down menus in gCADPlus - File, View, Format, Draw etc..

Tip: The Search facility on this web site (at the top of the page) can also be used to find assistance if you do not wish to trawl through fly out menu links. That same search facility can be used while drafting by visiting Help>Online Help.

Some gCADPlus 'tools' that cannot be reached via options on individual drop down menus are discussed below.


interface The gCADplus interface This movie covers orienting yourself in the gCADPlus drawing environment.

interface   The gCADplus interface This movie shows how to get help while you are drafting.

GardenCAD PLus interface


interface The gCADplus interface Understanding the operation of the properties box - changing layer, linetype, colour etc. of a group of entities with a single click.


If several entities are selected, it is possible to cycle through the selection set and change properties in turn. The image below  shows three entities in the selection set; a block, an ellipse and a dimension.

Properties select

Edit blocks on the fly

Edit Blocks Edit blocks Not satisfied with the look of a symbol? Learn how to make changes to a symbol and have those changes apply to all blocks in a drawing.

Edit block on fly

Lift a symbol from a drawing and make it part of the plant library

When you develop your own plant (and other) symbols, you will want to make them part of your plant symbol library and be able to use them in other projects.

Edit BlocksThe gCADplus interface How to take a symbol in a drawing and make it available in the gCADPlus library.