The simplest way to increase landscape design productivity is to use templates. When the File>New sequence is selected in gCADPlus, a series of template files are presented. If you choose one of these, drafting can start immediately with a number of settings and symbols pre-installed. The figure below shows gCADPlus running on an iMac with the result of choosing one of the available templates (for users in the USA). Metric users have a similar set of default drawings.

Tip: Additional templates can be downloaded from this site.

Using a default drawing

Drafting can begin immediately. The usual approach is to place some lines representing site boundaries and any structural elements (building footprint) then drag drop and copy symbols into position.

The figure below shows a template used for quickly making concept drawings.



Template Template This movie shows a template in action in gCADPlus. We create a landscape drawing for the metric environment in lass than 5 minutes.
Template This movie shows how to change (and find) the templates folder in gCADPlus. 

Start from a template