The movies below provide a detailed overview of the way in which gCADPlus works. We show how the software allows you to build a full size model of your design from a template. These templates come complete with landscape symbols that can quickly be dragged and dropped into place. Additional symbols like north points, scale bars etc. are all there, ready to place.

The movie camera icon links to a high resolution movie in Windows WMV format, while the YouTube icon should play on both Windows and Apple computers, albeit at lower resolution. 

Movie  Metric overview  An overview of the use of gCADPlus with a design using metric units (mm).

Movie Metric overview gCADPlus overview with a design using decimal feet as the base unit.


The figure below shows the software in use (on an Apple iMac computer running CrossOver) with portion of a typical landscape plan showing. 


Here is a view of gCADPlus in the Windows environment. New tools are added to the gCADPlus menu with each new release of the software.

Interface 2.5