The ability of gCADPlus to read and write AutoCAD dwg format is important as base plans by architects and survey firms often need to be used in order to provide a base for the addition of landscape plans. If you have a project that has been created in dwg, we recommend that you use Teigha Convert to convert the drawing from dwg to DXF. Leave the original dwg file untouched.

Start gCADPlus and import the DXF file. Save the drawing to gCADPlus native file format (.lcd).

This has the advantage of not touching the original file and you will gain increases in speed, smaller file sizes and access to the automatic backup and save facilities in gCADPlus which are optimized for lcd files. On average, a dwg or dxf file will be 5 times larger than the corresponding .lcd (native) gCADPlus file.

When you have finished your design work and want to send a copy to an AutoCAD user, save the drawing in DXF and then use TeighaConvert to convert to dwg.

Work in gCADPlus native file format