gCADPlus software was originally designed for Windows computers, but can run happily on Macintosh computers provided that the processor is Intel based, and some form of Windows emulator is running on the Mac. Most recent Mac computers (purchased post 2006) are Intel based.

  • We are aware of a number of programs that let gCADPlus run on a Mac. BootCamp [free with your Mac], CrossOver - a Virtual Windows Emulator [free to try and costing around $USD 70.00* for the standard version] Parallels Desktop [approx. $USD 90.00), Wine [free, but quite tricky to set up] and VMWare Fusion [about $USD 75.00]). We have used each of these on our iMac to run gCADPlus. The results are truly outstanding. Nothing beats the large, crisp screen on the iMac when working with CAD drawings. Note that a Windows license is required to make Boot Camp, Parallels and Fusion work on a Mac and that does add to the expense. CrossOver, because it does not require purchase of a copy of Windows, is probably the most cost effective way to run gCADPlus on a Mac. * Prices quoted above are estimates only and subject to change by the vendor - please check for current pricing.
  • In our view, to drive gCADPlus effectively on a Mac, you need to a mouse with more than one button. The reason for this is that when using gCADPlus, different (and very useful) menus pop up when either the left or right mouse button is clicked. In addition, the mouse wheel (or gesture on the Mac Magic Mouse) is used to zoom in and out on a drawing. Trying to use gCADPlus with the traditional single button Mac mouse is very frustrating indeed. Apple now offer a range of mice and track pads with various buttons. We have used the Mac Magic Mouse/gCADPlus combination on our Mac, but lean towards using an easily available (and cheap) Logitech or Microsoft mouse that we plug into a USB port on our Mac. We have not had much success with our Apple Track Pad, but that may be because we have not experimented with the many ways to activate buttons and gestures.


Try be​fore you buy

Remember, we recommend that you install the free trial (demo) version of gCADPlus along with a trial version of CrossOver in order to satisfy yourself that gCADPlus works well on your Mac and meets your requirements before committing to a purchase of gCADPlus. There is no time period on the gCADPlus demo version.

gCADPlus on Macs