It is possible to export a drawing created in Vectorworks to gCADPlus. The native Vectorworks file format is .vwx. gCADPlus is not able to load a native Vectorworks file directly, but it is possible to export a Vectorworks drawing to an exchange format called DXF, an open format pioneered by Autodesk, the manufacturers of AutoCAD. DXF files can be read by gCADPlus.

As always with CAD software there are considerations. Both Vectorworks and gCADPlus utilize two spaces - model space for the full size model (where you work most of the time) and layout spaces where a view of the model (or part of the model) is displayed on a sheet of paper. AutoCAD calls these spaces PaperSpace and Vectorworks Viewports. It can be tricky to get information from a Vectorworks Viewport page, but if all you need is the base information from the design sapce in Vectorworks, DXF output works well. Let's take an example.

From Vectorworks to gCADPlus Here is a case study movie showing how to convert a Vectorworks drawing to gCADPlus.

Vectorworks to gCADPlus  Part 2 of the story.

The figure below shows a print from a Vectorworks design for the front garden of a typical house block.


The File > Export option gives two choices for the DXF file format - text and binary. Choose the text format, not binary.

Import DXF to gCADPlus - recommended approach

Start gCADPlus and select a new drawing based on the default template.

Select File > DXFin  as shown below.



Browse to the location of the file you exported from Vectorworks and select it. A preview of the DXF file will appear in the right of the dialog box.

Select Open and the information is loaded. 

You may well be positioned in an empty layout space; if so, click on the Model tab at the bottom of the screen. The converted drawing will show.

Now in gCADPlus

Click View > Background Color and change to white.


Here is the result


Clearly the geometry converted well but there is a problem with text style.

Most text has been assigned to a Windows style Dakota. We don't have that font, so based on what we see in the PDF from Vectorworks, we will reassign the style to use Arial Narrow.

Style Arial

Here is the result. We are getting close to a reasonable conversion.

The next problem to solve is the excess text associate with symbols. Vectorworks uses attributes to store information. gCADPlus does it differently. If that attribute information was stored on its own layer (as it should be0 it would be simple to turn that layer off. Unfortunately, its not. We need to edit the symbol and remove attribute data.


Select symbol, right click and select edit.

Edit attribute

Save and the symbol is updated and the conversion complete. Elapsed time about 5 minutes.



A rather long winded way to do the exchange is to export dwg and use a tool such as Teigha file converter to 

There is an option to export design layer viewports as part of the master document instead. By default,Vectorworks sheet layers export as DXF paper space layouts, with normal viewports exported directly, and section viewports exported as blocks. Annotations become paper space objects on top of the viewports.

VectorWorks to gCADPlus