If you are part of a small team using Macs, there are advantages in moving away from storing files locally and work in the cloud. This paper discusses the cloud for storage of gCADPlus files with Dropbox as the cloud storage application.


Tip: It is possible to test the concept of working in the cloud thoroughly as Dropbox allows free storage of up to 20 Gigabytes.

Step 1

On your Mac, use your browser (Safari) visit www.dropbox.com download the DropBox app (Mac format .dmg)

Download DropBox

2. Install Dropbox 

As Dropbox is a native Mac application, there is no need to create a windows version inside CrossOver - simply run the installer from  Finder.

dmg install

3. Upload current drawings

Start Dropbox and load your store of drawings from the Mac hard disk

4. Work in the cloud - a test

Start gCADPlus and access your store of drawings in the cloud.


Open drawing from Dropbox - sucess



  • All staff work from same set of drawings - no possibility of losing drawing.
  • Backup done by Dropbox - saves time and worry.
  • Output PDF and store in cloud - you or your client can view on mobile phone.



  • Your IP store is with a third party - are you comfortable about that?
  • Excessively long path to open store of drawings
  • Big files can be quite slow to load.


A better alternative

Use a separate Mac or Windows PC and set it up as a server.

Create a store of CAD drawings in a folder (with sub folders for each job) as shown below.

Folder structure

Connect each Mac to the server as shown below.


Connect the server to the internet.

Install Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive or a similar cloud service on the server. Set such that files in the current year folder are automatically synced with your chosen cloud storage.

This gives all the advantages of a cloud based set of working drawings along with the speed of working locally. You are not totally dependent on a third party for security.

Connect Mac to DropBox