The first port of call for help when using gCADPlus should you need assistance, is to download and save this chapter from the gCADPlus user manual as it provides a 'getting started' guide with an emphasis on understanding the user interface.


The PDF contains lots of embedded 'how to' YouTube movies. 

*** After saving the file, please use Adobe Reader (free) to view the document. If you use browsers such as Microsoft Edge, movies may not play. Movies do play in the Chrome browser. **

When using gCADPlus it is also possible to click on the link “Online Help” under the Help drop down menu. Selecting that link will take you to a search box on the gCADPlus web site. Just type a word there - e.g. to get information on the polyline entity, type that word in the box. But don’t forget that quite complex search criteria can be entered if required - e.g. "custom plant schedule" [without the quotes]. 

Online help

The Help drop down menu on the gCADPlus web site is organized in the same way as the drop down menus in gCADPlus itself. The first being File, the second being View etc. - just as they are on the gCADPlus screen.

Help arrange

Experienced in landscape CAD?

Visit this page: 

New to CAD?

Should you need it, we have created an online course on the use of gCADPlus:  

Latest news (and help)

The latest news about gCADPlus is available on our Facebook page.


Another useful resource for gCADPlus is YouTube. Just type gCADPlus in the YouTube search box. If you subscribe to our channel, you will receive an alert for each new movie we add.


New symbols, tips and tricks and template drawings can be downloaded from the downloads page of the gCADPlus web site. The palettes link on the web site contains many new symbols. 

gCADPlus on Macs

If you are using gCADPlus on a Mac, this link may help: and if you choose CrossOver as your windows emulator please visit this link:

User Guide

Here is a link to the full User Guide for gCADPlus: 


We would love to hear a little about you and your aims for our landscape software. If we can help you in any way, we will try. We welcome suggestions for new features to add to gCADPlus. Please email us on