Use Google Earth This movie show how to capture an image from Google Earth, paste it into IrfanView, crop, save as a JPEG file and insert the resultant image into the gCADPlus model space environment. Scale the image so it's full size, first to meters and then to millimeters ready for placement of sprinklers at 13.5 m (13500 mm) centers.

In short, use Google Earth, fly to your location.

Make sure direct plan view is showing (hold mouse wheel down and pan up).


Save the image file, making sure that you can see the Google Earth scale on the image.

Start gCADPlus and using File >Insert Raster, paste the image into model space.

Insert image

insert in gcadplus

Use the distance tool to check your insert scale factor. In this example, the distance is 32.556 units. It should read 40 meters.

Select the image. Use the scale command to get the image so it reads true values. In this example the scale factor is  40/32.556  = 1.228. To get distance enquiries read in mm, scale again by 1000.

Now any distance enquiry reads correctly - roads are 8.5 meters wide, 

On a new layer add a grid appropriate for your design.

Movie This movie shows how to set and adjust sprinklers and present the design on an A3 sheet.

.Create a new layout and insert your title block drawing.


Layout view


Movie This movie shows how to attach extended data to piping lines, export data to Excel and calculate costing.


Google Earth and Irrigation