There is no doubt that replacing the hard disk in your Mac with a solid state drive (SSD) can lead to a significant improvement in performance.


If you are comfortable opening a Mac and fiddling with tiny screws, it is possible to do it yourself, but WE recommend hiring an expert to install the SSD. You need to have them clone your existing disk onto the new SSD. Once that's done, your Mac and all the software tools previously installed should work seamlessly.


For reference and not as a substitute for advice you get from a Mac professional, here are the steps to take to install gCADPlus on a new SSD drive in an Apple Mac running CrossOver:

  1. We will assume that you have backed up all your drawings and projects. See
  2. The new drive will need a fresh copy of your Mac operating system added – by your Mac technician cloning the operating system or (possibly) from iCloud.
  3. Once your Mac with its new drive is working, check that CrossOver is working. Now might be a good time to upgrade to the latest version.
  4. If gCADPlus does not run under Crossover even though your technicial has cloned the contents of the proevious hard drive, download a copy of the latest gCADPlus from
  5. Install gCADPlus under CrossOver.
  6. Important – let the installation of gCADPlus finish to  completion – don’t tick the run gCADPlus now box at the end of the install.
  7. Test gCADPlus in Demo mode
  8. Via Help > Register enter your user name and activation code.
  9. Copy backup Jobs folder to an appropriate location.
  10. Test to see if you can print a high resolution PDF file from gCADPlus. We recommend using PDFWriter. If necessary, re-install PDFwriter.




Upgrade a Mac hard disk to SSD drive