It is not always possible to do a detailed site survey and custom design for clients, especially if they are on a tight budget. gCADPlus offers a great way to quickly provide a client with a design - one that has a professional look, but does not take long to execute.

If you want to design and draft quickly and efficiently with gCADPlus, its a great idea to use templates. The idea is to assess the site (size, orientation, client requirements) and choose one of the templates that's a reasonable fit and use it as a base for a new design.

Movie Quickly create a new design for a client with a limited budget - all done in 5 minutes.

Movie This movie shows how to use a gCADPlus template using feet as the base measure.

Download some templates

A design suitable as a base for rear garden - covers an area about 30 feet (10 meters across).

Design 01

Download metric version of the above design

Download Imperial version of the above design

Design for wheelchair access

Design for wrap around front garden.

Template 06


YouTube movies showing the use of templates

Movie Template with custom layouts, text styles etc.

Movie Testing a new title block in a template.

Movie Fast and efficient drafting (no audio but on screen captions).

Both the metric and Imperial versions of gCADPlus come complete with a large number of templates. You can also add your own to the gCADPlus template folder and make them available for any new job..

Landscape Design Templates