One of the unique features of Computer Aided Design is the length of time you often work on a single design (drawing) file. It's possible to start on a drawing for a particular job (let's call it JohnDoeHouse) and work on it many times over a period of weeks. Even if you save often, there are only two copies of the file in existence - the native gCADPlus file with its .lcd extension and the .bak version of that same file. With the best intention in the world, no computer, operating system or application is immune to file corruption so you need to protect that valuable work.

Tip: If you need to use a bak file, it needs to be renamed so the extension becomes .lcd not .bak. gCADPlus cannot open a .bak file directly.

gCADPlus offers various levels of protection - an automatic save every 15 minutes (configurable in the pop up reminder dialog box), error checking etc. However, we believe that the incremental save tool (found behind the green cross on the standard toolbar) offers landscape designers the best level of protection. Click once on this icon and a copy of the file is saved under its existing name, and the name of the current JohnDoeHouse drawing file increments and becomes JohnDoeHouse_01. Each time the green plus sign is clicked, the drawing file increments by one. This means you can have multiple copies of the drawing file and an audit trail. At any time, you can go back to an earlier version of the design. Our users report that this is a really valuable feature from a  design viewpoint - it is not uncommon to head in one design direction and want to retreat when things do not work out. In that case, all you need do is open an earlier version of your design. The figure below shows the location of the incremental backup tool (increment and save).

Increment and save This movie demonstrates how to use the increment and save feature.
Incremental save

It is really important to protect your valuable data. It can be devastating to lose information and have to recreate the drawing. It is important to safeguard your data so don't forget to backup you entire drawing stock to a backup device. We recommend using DropBox for that as it provides an off site backup facility.

Incremental save