The gCADPlus menu contains an option to draw a plant schedule.

Find schedule

Tip: Before the automated plant schedule tool can be used, each symbol in the design needs to be tagged with a species from an attached plant data file. This figure below shows an example of a plant list.

Attached plant list

The figure below shows a symbol representing Acer platinoides associated in the plant list.

Associate species

There are three sub options in the plant schedule tool - draw standard schedule, draw custom schedule and update an existing schedule.

Standard schedule

The figure below shows a typical gCADPlus design plotted from layout sheet with a plant schedule at the top right. This design has had a plant datafile (gcp) attached and all symbols representing new planting have been assigned to a particular species. This schedule was drawn with the default "Draw standard schedule" setting in the plant schedule tool.


If this form of representing the schedule does not suit, there are alternative options within the plant schedule fly-out menu.

Custom schedule

When this option is chosen, a series of questions is posed allowing different schedules. The figure below shows a schedule where all possible columns are displayed.

The plant column can be used to list the symbols. These can be used as an identifier.
The No. column provides a series of red numbered blocks. Some users explode the plant schedule block and copy the number to indicate massed planting of species.
The botanical and common name columns are straightforward. Notice that the common name for Abelia grandiflora is misspelled. The user had not corrected the error in the gcp file attached to the design. The code and totals are straightforward.

All options

As the option to generate the custom schedule runs, it is possible to 'ring the changes' to suit requirements. Here are some examples where different options have been chosen.

Custom schedule

Update list

This option is used to refresh a list and should be run before a final print for a client.

More information on the use of the tools discussed here can be found in the gCADPlus user guide.

Export schedule

Export to Excel It is possible to export a plant list as a text file in CSV format, open in Excel, reformat and export a graphic back to Excel

Plant schedule rearranged in Excel


Custom plant schedule