There are two types of variables that control the behavior of gCADPlus - Drawing Parameters and Global Parameters. Both can be accessed via the Tools drop down menu. As the names imply, changes to drawing parameters affect only the particular drawing, while changes to Global Parameters stay with gCADPlus and are operational each time you run the program.

Global and Drawing Parameters Understanding Global and Drawing Parameters.

Global and Drawing Variable

Changing Global Parameters

Alter Global Parameters by selecting Tools > Global Parameters. This 'pops up' the dialog box shown below. The figure below shows the dialog box used to control Object Snap behavior of gCADPlus.

Global Parameters

You might reach this dialog box and wish to change the color of the snap marker.

Change marker color

Other dialog boxes

Window and Cursor

Here it is possible to alter the behavior of the system cursor while you are working with gCADPlus, the display of crosshair, change crosshair size and control whether or not the cursor displays command prompts during editing operations.

Global Window & Cursor


Here we have changes the color of a selected entity from magenta to red.

Selected enity changed to red


The ease with which you can rotate an entity in a gCADPlus drawing is influenced by the Global Parameter Grips.

Global settings How to use Tools > Global Parameters to set the display of handles on in a gCADPlus drawing.

Charging Drawing Parameters


Global Settings