Does gCADPlus ownership incur any ongoing charges?

There are no monthly or annual charges for gCADPlus software. You own a lifetime right to use the software. 

How much does it co​st to upgrade my copy of gCADPlus?

Our policy is to provide upgrades free of charge. For interest, here is a list of version releases.

Where can I get help when using gCADPlus?

We offer a number of avenues for help when using gCADPlus:

  • gCADPlus User Guide - download the 300 page User Guide in PDF form. The guide comes complete with many instructional movies embedded in pages.
  • Windows help file - press F1 key while using gCADPlus
  • Online help. Click Help>Online help and you will be taken to a search box on this web site. Complex search criteria are handled, for example, "store external data'
  • We provide support via email. If possible attach a copy of the file that you are working one along with the question.
  • Visit YouTube - simply type gCADPlus in the YouTube search box. It is possible to narrow the search - for example,  "gCADPlus polyline" lists all the movies in which the use of the polyline command is explained.


Can I add new symbols to my copy of gCADPlus?

Yes, if you create you own symbol as separate gCADPlus drawings, and save it to an appropriate location in the blocks folder, the new symbol will be come available for future gCADPlus sessions. You can also download extra symbols from the gCADPlus web site and via the Help drop down menu, access whole palettes of new symbols.

Speed up gCADPlus

The best way to improve the performance of gCADPlus is to install a solid state drive (SSD) as a substitute for a conventional hard disk drive. Clone your existing drive to a backup device and paste the contents back to the SSD once installed.

I am having problems with the download of gCADPlus

Files with the extension .exe (like gCADPlusSetup.exe) may not be allowed through the firewall of your computer. You can sometimes allow a 'one time' passage of an exe through the firewall by running the virus protection control panel.

A better solution might be to download the zip version of the installation program. Zip files are often passed through firewalls without problems.

Note: We have had our software cleared by the vendors of some virus protection software, but not all vendors have incorporated our software into their exception list.

Download gCADPlusSetup.exe is ok, but the Installation is blocked by virus protection

Perhaps the simplest approach is to remove your computer from the Internet (remove the cable or turn off wireless the wireless connect facility) then DISABLE whatever virus protection software you are running try running the gCADPlus application again. Most times it will install. If successful, start virus protection again and plug in to the Internet. All should be fine.

Application will not run

If the installation program will not run, you may have to tell your virus protection software to allow an exception. Here is some information on specific virus protection products.

Symantec Suite (

Information on doing that for the Symantec suite is covered in the note below.

This link provides detail on how to allow an application that Symantec blocks to run:
The application path should be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\gCADPlus\gCADPlus.exe"

Norton 360 is a tool under the Symantec banner. Here is a page that provides information on how to let an application run with Norton 360:

Microsoft re-distributable pack (Error: File MSVCR100D.dll not found)

On rare occasions, the software may not run because the computer does not have a complete set of appropriate Windows files. This link can be used to install the missing components.

What to do if you have been working on a drawing for hours and gCADPlus will not save?

Start a new instance of gCADPlus.
Switch back to the copy of gCADPlus that will not save. Select all entities. Select Edit > Copy to Clipboard.
Switch to the new copy of gCADPlus and paste from the clipboard.

Zoom does not work properly?

A gCADPlus user reports that if he zooms in (and out) with the mouse wheel, the display moves sharply to the right and steps in to such a degree that editing is not possible. Zoom Extents works as does real time Zoom and Pan (an option on the standard toolbar. This designer uses Microsoft Windows powering gCADPlus with a twin screen setup. The display and zoom problem was caused by installing gCADPlus on one screen, then, when the Tips dialog box was closed, moving the window holding gCADPlus to the other screen. Once gCADPlus was configured such that all gCADPlus dialog boxes live (and stay) on one screen, zoom and pan worked correctly. We have also seen the same problem (and solution) in the Mac environment. That's about as subtle an issue we have ever dealt with!