On the gCADPlus menu you will find a tool that can be used to pass the plant schedule list to an Excel spreadsheet. Operation is simple, select the tool and the file will be written with the CSV extension.

Export After tagging all symbols used in a design with a species in a plant list, we export the information (including pot size and costing) to a form able to be read by Excel.

Extract speardsheet

Once the XML file has been written, start Excel and load the file.

Into Excel

With some rudimentary Excel knowledge, accurate costing for the job is possible. The figure below shows the total cost of the project. It would not be too difficult to import the CSV schedule into a spreadsheet containing a complete plant list together with pricing. An Excel macro could easily match species name to price from another sheet. that's perhaps something we could develop.


Export plant list  Here is an example from an Imperial (USA) design of a plant list being exported to Excel

Costing a design