gCADPlus operates in a ​similar manner to AutoCAD and is command driven. The command name and even the prompts associated with the command are largely compatible with AutoCAD. If you have used AutoCAD for any length of time, it is likely that you would have begun to use keyboard shortcuts to start commands like L for line and M for move. Drafting with one hand on the mouse and typing one or two character shortcuts on the keybaord can be a very efficient way to draft. Here is a list of the current shortcuts to gCADPlus commands. We are working on adding to this list.

Draw comma​nds

Power Draw: Select an object with control key down and the command used to create that object automatically starts.

A Starts ARC command (in whatever is the current option - usually 3 point arc)

B Starts the BLOCK command

C  Starts the CIRCLE command

EL = Starts ELLIPSE command

L Starts the LINE command

PL = Starts POLYLINE command

I Starts the INSERT block command

Starts the TEXT command


Edit/Modify commands

AT = Starts ALIGNTEXT command

AO = Starts ALIGNOBJECT command

E = Starts ERASE command

DI = Divide command

CS = Starts COPSE command

M = Starts MOVE command

MP = Match Properties


Settings commands

DSET Calls up drafting settings


View commands

Z Starts ZOOM (Window) command


Print commands

PDFSAVE calls the inbuilt print pdf function



DB = Start companion plant database (SppDb) if installed

ID Starts ID command and returns x, y coordinates of an entity

IL = Starts ISOLATE LAYER command

IV = Introduce variation to symbols - size, rotation

FT = Starts FINDTEXT option

FS = Displays current file size

PG = Starts PURGE command - cleans data file.


SE = Starts the create SECTION tool


Drawing aids - function keys

F1 - Activates Help. Online help is also available via the Help drop down menu while drafting.

F3 - Turns the electronic Snap to grid on/off

F6 - Turns the display of the grid on/off

F8 - Turns Ortho mode on/off. When turned on, lines are constrained to horizontal or vertical.

F9 - Turns the snap to the electronic grid on/off

Missing shortcuts

Here are a few that we  think are missing: GCP for attach plant datafile,  DIS for distance. F for fillet, SC for scale, MR for mirror, X= explode, TR=TRIM, EX=Extend, O=Offset, SS=Stretch, BR=Break, HA=Hatch. These will be added in future releases. We encourage you to submit additional suggestions for shortcuts.

Command shortcuts