A polyline consists of a number of vertices. Polylines have many defined properties such as width and it is possible to apply various types of curve fitting to polylines, edit vertices, change color thickness etc.

Curve fitting

 Curve fitting Making a polyline from a set of individual lines using the JOIN command. Applying the curve fit option and changing the width of the polyline.

Polyline edit

If one of the handles (control points) on a polyline is selected, right click and the grip is unhooked, a number of additional options are available including the ability to reverse the direction of the polyline.

Polyline edit 2

Curve fitting  Here we apply some polyline editing to a design (by Amy VD) for a site in Massachusetts (USA).

Curve fitting  In this example, we add vertices to a polyline and adjust a planting bed area around an existing spruce.

Curve fitting Here we discuss some difficulties experienced by a user in Florida using gCADPlus when editing polylines.

Curve fitting Editing polylines in landscape CAD drawings. We show that it is better to remove curve fitting before editing polylines.

Curve fitting Curve fitting, joining, hatching polylines.

Polyline editing