The SCALE command can be used to make an object (or group of objects) smaller or larger. To scale an entity do one of the following: 

Choose Scale from the Modify drop down menu.
On a toolbar, click the Scale tool. 
Type SCALE or SC in the command line and then press Enter.  
Select the entity right click and select Scale.
Scaling can be dynamic (drag) or type a value in the command line. Values > 1.0 magnify and values <1.0 shrink the object.
Tip: Whole drawings can be scaled. We prefer to scale about coordinate 0,0 as a base point if scaling and entire drawing.
Movie - scale a drawing Scale Click an icon at left to play a short movie in which the operation of the SCALE command is illustrated.

Dynamic scaling How to scale symbols dynamically. Dynamic scaling  How to scale by changing the properties value of a symbol.


Movie - scale a drawing Scale Click here to play a movie in which we scale a drawing in model space in order to get a full size model of the design area. Once an accurately scaled model has been built, it is possible to take measurements such as surface area for mulching.

The figure below shows a symbol selected and ready for the SCALE command. In this case, a value of perhaps 0.2 would be a reasonable to fit the symbol into the design.


Scale 2

Using scale The need to be aware of drafting settings when using the SCALE command.

Scale command