The use of aerial photography and satellite imagery is becoming an increasingly important tool for landscape design work. The advent and availability of small drones that are able to fly pre-programmed routes over sites at low altitude has opened up all sorts of possibilities, not only in small scale landscape design, but also in broad scale agricultural survey work.

It  is possible to paste these images into gCADPlus software and add work comfortably on base plans with a great deal of  information as shown below. The aerial photograph is overlaid with a CAD file showing contours. click on the image to see more detail.


Survey firms use specialist software to provide a composite image of the site.The file size of images of this type are usually in the form of an ECW file and often very large - in the order of gigabyte

 Movie gCADPlus allows users to insert ECW and JPEG2000 files into the drawing editor to use as base maps. These files although large and detailed, display rapidly in the gCADPlus environment making the software well suited to environmental mapping tasks.

Example 1:

Thematic Mapper (TM) quarter-quad scene that includes the Crow Butte map quadrangle. 4-3-2 composite color-infra-red.
3164 x 2982 cells. An JPEG 2000 Mb file that loads in seconds.


Example 2

An ECW file of the Sydney, Australia basin. This 17 Mb file loads almost instantly.


Example 3

38 Mb file - Rhode Island USA - Properties box and Command line turned off.

Example 4:

3.5 Gig  ECW file - aerial photo 2009 - City of Vancouver. Loads in a second.


ECW & JPEG 2000