The BOUNDARY command enables rapid creation of closed polyline areas which makes for easy hatching. Once the zone is hatched, it can be moved around and the hatching is pulled with it - a feature known as associative hatching.

Boundary command This movie provides a quick demonstration of the use of the boundary command.

Boundary  Another demonstration of the use of the boundary command.

Boundary command

The figure below shows a boundary area showing an area that will become a soakage pit. Once an area has been defined as a boundary, even though it has been hatched, the association between the boundary and the hatch pattern stays, making for easy editing.

Boundary This movie demonstrates that an area hatched using the BOUNDARY command is a flexible editable area.

Boundary command


Tip: Unlike the polyline command, the end entity snap settings stays operational while the BOUNDARY command is in operation.

Boundary Another example of the use of the BOUNDARY command.

Boundary  Comparing the polyline and boundary commands.

Boundary command