Professional landscape designers use landscape CAD to make the most of their time and improve communication. This free landscape diploma lets you get to that position quickly and easily.

Using gCADPlus our own landscape design software, we will lead you step by step from an introduction to CAD through to creating detail landscape plans. The software for the course is provided free-of-charge or can be purchased at low cost (<$100.00) at any time during or after the course is completed.

Key advantages include:

  • It's free.
  • It's possible to complete the course at your own pace and at the times that suit you
  • Take the course from the comfort of your own home or office
  • Use free landscape design software
  • Structured quiz questions test your understanding of the course material every step of the way
  • Online support from experienced landscape designers
  • Over 1000 supporting video materials allow you to see how to use the software as well as experience it for yourself
  • Graduates can confidently produce professional drawing at the end of the course
  • We will show you how to produce CAD drawings with a hand finished look even though these are drawn with CAD. 


How to run the course

The menu items flowing from the CAD Course drop down menu provide access to modules that are designed to provide a structured learning experience for anyone wanting to produce landscape plans using CAD software. It is of course biased towards our own CAD tool - gCADPlus, but should be helpful no matter which software tool you use to produce CAD landscape plans. We'll take you though learning to use CAD for landscape design in a graduated, step-by-step way using lots of movies to show what to do.

Remember, our role is to help with individual problems; not to teach in a didactic way telling you what to do step-by-step. The aim is for you to reading the text, play the movies, do the work, and complete the exercises

If you do decide to embark on the course, please send us an email to let us know you have started. When you have a problem, email us at and where possible attach a drawing file and a description of the problem.


We assume that you have downloaded and installed a training (demo) copy of gCADPlus (available from this web site). You have visited YouTube and searched for gCADPlus and checked out our Facebook page:

THERE IS NO NEED TO PURCHASE THE SOFTWARE - you can do a great deal of learning with the free demo version.

Course structure

We start with an overall look at how computer software is currently being used in landscaping, introduce you to gCADPlus (using the free version is ok) by asking you to design a logo for your landscape practice, and then work through the creation of several designs in which we gradually increase the complexity and the use of some of the specialist automated landscape drafting tools found in gCADPlus.

CAD course


** Some modules have a metric bias and some use Imperial (feet and inches) units. Even though you may work (say) in the metric and not Imperial (feet and inches) world, and vice versa, we would encourage your to take all the modules here. Your skill with gCADPlus will gradually build as you work your way though the modules. **

Landscape Diploma