In much the same manner as dimension styles, it is possible to create your own multiline styles. A multiline style enables compound lines to be drawn in the same fashion as a standard line.

Multiline styles  Set up a multiline style to draw double brick walling both capped and uncapped.

The example shown below shows a BrickCavity style created for a designer who works in the USA. The one multiline command draws 4 lines simultaneously representing a cavity wall formed by two 4" bricks with a 2" cavity. Fine control is possible. In this case, the outer lines are drawn in red.

Brick cavity wall

Note that a multiline cannot be exploded so they are most useful for structures like walls where you do not want the entity broken into its constituent parts.

Creating a new multi line style

Select Format>Multiline>Style

New multiline style

The dialog box starts with just two lines. In this example, two more lines were added.

1200 mm path

Tip: In some instances, all you might need for a new style - e.g. to draw a path 1200 units (mm) wide, you would click on each line and edit the offset value to 600 top and bottom.

Here is an example of a 1200 mm wide path with brick edging being drawn with the multiline command. All lines in the path leading from the doorway to the semi circular paved area were drawn in a single series.

1200 path

Mulitiline styles