About gCADPlus

gCADPlus [aka gCAD Plus, gCAD+] is an affordable easy-to-use CAD tool for professional landscapers. It allows the use AutoCAD commands in a familiar environment to quickly create plans by dragging and dropping symbols (or entire designs) into place. Cut drafting time and experience the power of automated landscape CAD. Choose from hundreds of professional symbols or create your own. Re-use previous design work in new jobs. Simplify plant selection by attaching plant database lists and filter those lists to find the appropriate species for a particular purpose. Automate the creation of plant schedules, ground cover spacing and extract quantities for costing. Store extra data with any entity. 

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No ongoing fees, free upgrades and comprehensive online training.


"​For the solo garden designer or small landscape design-build firm like mine, no other landscape cad-design package offers so many features in such a solid package for such a small cost.  For small companies like ours, spending $2,000+ on design software doesn’t make sense, especially when that software comes with additional yearly or monthly maintenance fees that add hundreds of dollars more per year to that cost. Chris M - The GreenMan, Florida USA"

New download gCADPlus is now available for download and is free to try. Cut software costs and buy gCAD+ for $AUD 325.00 (special offer for limited time - AUD$99.50 - $USD 75.00). No annual license feeFree upgrades.

Edit symbols  Get started Build landscape designs in 5 minutes  Custom toolbar Add new symbols to your copy of gCADPlus.

Download a  full featured trial version of gCADPlus to test - it's a quick install and we do not ask for contact details or hassle you in any way.

gCADPlus is available in Metric and Imperial [USA] versions. 

Free E-book: Download Landscape design and CAD  (an overview of the use of CAD software in landscape design - chapter 1 from the gCAD+ users guide)