gCADPlus ~ affordable easy-to-use landscape CAD software

gCADPlus (aka GardenCAD Plus) software is used to produce landscape CAD drawings such as those shown below. Contact us for special pricing if you are a student of a recognized college (info@gardencad.net).


apen stonesite


  Lighting spill

Lesson 01 Watch gCADPlus in action - start gCADPlus, open a new drawing using a template, insert a design from the gCADPlus design library and edit to create a new landscape plan.

Maximize efficiency gCADPlus in the hands of a commercial landscape design firm. They produce designs and quotes for clients with a minimum of effort.

Why not download gCADPlus now and give it a try - it's a quick install and we do not ask for contact details or hassle you to buy?

gCADPlus costs $AUD 99.50 and runs on both Windows and Macs. It's a once only payment - you own gCADPlus outright - no monthly or annual fees.

Free E-book: Landscape design and CAD  (an overview of the use of CAD software in landscape design).

gCADPlus runs on Macs using CrossOver Install on Mac

Click the YouTube icon to see how easy it is to install gCADPlus on a Mac using CrossOver. 


"​For the solo garden designer or small landscape design-build firm like mine, no other landscape cad-design package offers so many features in such a solid package for such a small cost.  For small companies like ours, spending $2,000+ on design software doesn’t make sense, especially when that software comes with additional yearly or monthly maintenance fees that add hundreds of dollars more per year to that cost. Chris M - The GreenMan, Florida USA"

"Botanica Garden Styling is a boutique landscape architecture business in Melbourne. In the past, plans were hand drawn and CAD work outsourced when required ... until we discovered gCAD Plus.  Admittedly, we were slightly nervous about picking up this new skill, but having a program that is specifically tailored for garden design work is fantastic.  For what you get, the program is excellent value and the support is second to none.  I regularly contact Keith with queries and in no time at all he has created a video and put it on Facebook for all of us to learn from.  The tutorials are excellent and we have basically gone from no knowledge of drawing or design programs to star pupils.  We probably haven’t touched the sides of what the program offers, but within quite a short period of time have mastered the basics and can produce accurate, attractive and useful plans for clients and landscapers for quoting purposes."